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Omron sincerely believes in working for the benefit of the society.

Not only our products and services reflect our commitment towards social responsibility but also active involvement in helping the communities to lead more active and meaningful roles in the society. We strive to take up an initiative which is truly meaningful, credible and provides genuine benefits to those people who have a challenging spirit and a desire to excel and become independent.  

In this regard, OMRON takes pride in its efforts to help people with disabilities so that they can realize their full potential, experience the true pride of accomplishment and in the end improve their quality of life. An example of this is the factories set up in Japan, by OMRON, which are run by disabled people. It’s one-of- its -kind initiatives in Japan. Not only social welfare, OMRON has also been contributing towards various other aspects of the society such as science & technology education, environment betterment, disaster aid, promotion of art and culture and internal exchange programs, to name just a few.