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Omron Automotive Components India Pvt., Ltd. (OAI) was established in 2007 as a division of Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. Japan (OAE).

The company undertakes manufacturing and sale of advanced electronic components and systems that enhance vehicle safety and reliability for automakers. The products include electronic control units and remote keyless entry systems. It offers customers local support with global coordination through its worldwide network of manufacturing, engineering, quality and sales teams.

The product portfolio of OAE has Remote Keyless Entry, Passive Entry, Tire Pressure Monitoring Receiver, Immobilizer/ RF Control Module, Power Window Switches, Power Seat Switches, Accessory Switches, Antipinch Controller, Electric Power Steering Control, DC/AC Inverter, Body Control ECUs. OAI supplies OAE’s above mentioned products through OAE group network.

Write to us, for any query about our offerings and distribution or sales network in India.