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At work for a better world for all.

OMRON group fulfills social responsibility by promoting comprehensive global CSR procurements including environment as well as compliance with laws and regulations. We also realize valuable products and services and aim for improving customer satisfactions by always procuring best "Items and Services" in whole QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service) To realize it, we established a group purchasing policy which consists of "Basic Policy" "Management Policy" and "Supplier Code of Conduct" when implementing purchasing activity.

We will realize CSR procurement through supply chain by integrally innovating with suppliers.

  • Basic Policies

  • OPEN: Our procurement is based on an "open" policy and the principles of free competition.

    Provided they share the same philosophy, we are willing to provide any supplier, regardless of nationality, company size, previous business relationship or lack thereof, and any other status with an opportunity to join us based on the principles of free competition. Positive and excellent suggestions and presentations are welcome.
  • FAIR: We place importance on partnership based on fairness and equality.

    In procuring component materials and services, we will select suppliers in a fair manner by not only taking into consideration product quality, price, delivery period, environmental conservation, technologies and healthy business management, but also by adding such items as compliance with laws, ordinances, and social standards.
  • GLOBAL: We seek good international partners.

    From an international perspective, we will procure outstanding materials, parts and services from sources all over the world, in the optimal regions.
  • Management Policy

  • ECOLOGY: We carry out procurement activities that contribute to reducing adverse impact on the global environment.

    We will actively use materials and parts that do not contain hazardous chemical substances, and promote "green" procurement that contributes to reducing any adverse impact on the environment.
  • COMPLIANCE: We strictly comply with laws, ordinances, and social standards by maintaining a high level of morality.

    we will strictly observe laws, ordinances and social standards related to procurement and purchasing, and build partnerships with our suppliers. Moreover, we will appropriately manage and protect suppliers' confidential and personal information which we had obtained through our purchasing and procurement activities.

Supplier Code of Conduct (Newly established in 2014)

For details, please see the "OMRON Group CSR Procurement Guideline".

  • 1. Labor

    1) Autonomy of Employment 2) Prohibition of Child Labor 3) Working Hours 4) Wages and Benefits 5) Human Treatment 6) Prohibition of Discrimination 7) Freedom of Association
  • 2. Health and Safety

    1) Occupational Safety 2) Emergency Preparedness 3) Occupational Injury and Illness 4) Industrial Hygiene 5) Physically Demanding Work 6) Machine Safeguarding 7) Sanitation, Food, and Housing 8) Healthcare for employees
  • 3. Environmental

    1) Environmental Permits and Reporting 2) Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction 3) Hazardous Substances 4) Wastewater and Solid Waste 5) Air Emissions 6) Product Content Restrictions
  • 4. Ethics

    1) Business Integrity 2) No Improper Advantage 3) Disclosure of Information 4) Intellectual Property 5) Fair Business, Advertising and Competition 6) Prohibition of abusing a superior position 7) Responsible Sourcing of Minerals 8) Protection of Privacy 9) Prevention of the leakage of customer and third-party confidential information 10) Defense against threats to computer networks 11) Proper control of export procedures 12) Protection of Identity and Prohibition of retaliation
  • 5. Product Safety

    1) Securing product safety 2) Providing appropriate information on products and services
  • 6. Business Continuity Plan

    1) Creation of Business Continuity Plan
  • 7. Management

    1) Company Commitment 2) Management Accountability and Responsibility 3) Legal and Customer Requirements 4) Risk Assessment and Risk Management 5) Improvement Objectives 6) Training 7) Communication 8) Worker Feedback and Participation 9) Audits and Assessments 10) Corrective Action Process 11) Documentation and Records 12) Supplier Responsibility

OMRON Group CSR Procurement Guideline

We made "OMRON Group CSR Procurement Guideline" which combined a group purchasing policy including "Basic policy" "Management Policy" and "Supplier Code of Conduct".

OMRON Group CSR Procurement Guideline(PDF) Down Load