OMRON is committed to resolve social issues and contribute towards a better society through its businesses. Driven by this guiding philosophy, we have grown to become a global company that has now presence in over 117 countries with a workforce of 36000 people.

In India, OMRON operates in the following business areas:

  • A factory run by challenged people—maximizing diversity in manufacturing

    Omron Kyoto Taiyo was founded 30 years ago, when it was difficult for challenged people to find a job.

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  • Artificial Intelligence breathes life into "digital sardines"

    Sardines live in large groups to protect themselves from predator fish.

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  • World trends have finally caught up to manufacturing in Japan

    Omron's next-generation controller development project started when IoT and Industrie 4.0 were still unknown in the industry.

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  • Machine Safety ensure that all workers return home with a smile every day

    We are committed to developing globally usable products as we address the needs of manufacturers across the world.

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  • Gemba-centric human resource development determines the state of manufacturing a decade from now

    Manufacturing starts with human resource development. A decade from now, stable production will need to be maintained no matter how the world's population structure changes.

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  • Taking on the manufacturing innovation challenge through "one and only" control technology that is beyond the norm.

    What makes it possible to create such a technology that companies at the forefront of manufacturing are eager to adopt?

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  • Establishment of Omron Corporate Governance Policies

    We are committed to sustainably increasing our long-term value by putting Our Mission and Values into practice

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  • Fulfilling the desire of everyone to stay healthy longer

    Living a long, healthy life is a universal desire among people everywhere.

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  • Maximizing energy efficiency for sustainable growth

    With our desire to bring electricity closer to people's lives, we strive to promote more efficient use of electricity and

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  • A factory that makes a "highly personalized choice" possible

    Through our contribution to manufacturing innovation, we are ready to meet retailers' need to quickly display products that people desire,

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  • Delivering the joy and freedom of owning a car

    A car can be an important partner for the driver, whether it's discovering a new sightseeing spot,

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  • Aerial Imaging — a guidepost on our path to the future

    Only the one who has taken the lead in driving the advancement of displays can see the society to come and envision the convenience that it will offer.

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  • Improved traffic flow makes a better world

    Only a traffic management system suitable for each specific country, region, or city can change the flow of people and goods—that is what we believe.

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  • Harmony between people and machines

    The robot hits the ball so it's easy to return. Why?

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Our Asia Pacific Presence

Our Asia Pacific sales and service network extends across 9 countries and delivers the same high quality products and services to customers all around the world.

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