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OMRON is a global leader in advanced automation, sensing and control technology, and home healthcare.

Over the last 83 years, OMRON has been working for the benefit of society by sensing people's needs early on and moving to address those needs as rapidly as possible. The journey began in 1933 with founder Kazuma Tateisi's development of a high-precision X-ray timer. The history of OMRON can be summed up in three stages – improving productivity in the manufacturing industry, improving people's day-to-day lives and creating a new relationship between people and machines.

OMRON's mission is to strive towards discovering solutions to the security, safety, health and environment needs of today and tomorrow.

Yoshihito Yamada

Message from the President

As we address social issues worldwide, OMRON seeks to remain a corporate group that people can depend on, and an organization that continues to live up to the high expectations of people around the world.

Management Strategy

OMRON's long-term management strategy for the decade up to 2020.

Vision & Philosophy

OMRON's unique philosophy and vision for society as expressed in our corporate ethics guidelines, the OMRON Principles.

Business Fields

An introduction to OMRON's technologies and products in a wide range of fields.


Milestones in OMRON's history and the story of company founder Kazuma Tateisi.