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As India moves ahead on the trajectory to be a front-runner as the next manufacturing hub, it becomes inevitable that human intelligence and machines work together in harmony to help manufacturers realize the global standards. Omron’s robotics solutions are a step in this direction.

The story is about

The task at hand

  • Enhanced quality and controlled productivity for the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner (HVAC) units the customer was producing.
  • The unit was making 50 variants for different models for cars with minute changes in the specifications.
  • A thorough quality check and monitoring at 40 inspection points for ensuring correct assembly of parts in the unit.
  • Reduced cycle time and enough flexibility also required to ensure ease of programming while adding new models in the future.
  • Customer contending coordination with three different vendors for the different components used in the existing solution.
  • The need had gained more significance owing to a recent major fire mishap and so re-implementation of the inspection solution was utmost important.

The key results

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