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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

"Working for the benefit of society" has been the core value of OMRON ever since the companyes founding in 1933.This core value has been passed down over the years and is still central to OMRON's CSR principles. Sharing our CSR principles with our 36,000 employees around the world, we use our core competencies of sensing and control technologies to deliver products and services aimed at solving societal issues relating to security, safety, health, and the environment. OMRON acts as a good corporate citizen by encouraging staff to engage in volunteer activities and be environmentally aware in their everyday activities.

CSR Policies and Management

How OMRON manages CSR activities through the PDCA cycle approach.


Action plans and performance goals to contribute to a sustainable resource-circulating society.

Society (Corporate Citizenship)

An overview of focus activities and long-term goals determined as part of CSR strategy, and other information.

CSR Report Download

Latest and previous OMRON Sustainability Reports can be downloaded here.

View OMRON Global website for more information.